Virtualization Services

Realmind Technology provides full support for server virtualization.  Virtualization can make your network faster, your employees more efficient and your IT costs much lower. With the costs of purchasing and maintaining servers as one of the most controllable expenses, this is the main area that we place our focus.  Our customers have been able to realize tremendous savings through reduction of server hardware, power consumption and administration/maintenance efforts. With our proven methodology the deployment of virtual infrastructure is non-disruptive, allowing your business to keep running, without ever being able to tell the difference between running virtualized servers and their physical counterparts.

Get more business value and lower total costs – Virtualize your IT infrastructure with Realmind Technology

  • We can install virtualization server on your hardware and configure it;
  • We can prepare virtual machines and deploy them on your server, configure and manage them;
  • We can create backup procedure for your virtual machines;
  • We can provide virtual machines for you on our server.

So, if you want to start to benefit from virtualization today – contact us.

Realmind Technology server virtualization technologies can help you:

  • Better utilize new and existing servers to conserve capital
  • Reclaim valuable floor space in the data center
  • Reduce server energy consumption and cooling requirements
  • Simplify maintenance and management tasks
  • Improve reliability and availability to support higher service levels

Virtualization – I want it!

Think you are ready to start using virtualization in your own IT environment?  Is your server room overcrowded with servers?  You want to make it easier to manage all of your IT needs?  How about saving some money on your IT budget?  Realmind Technology can reduce your expenses by consolidating server hardware and creating virtual servers for each of your servers.  Contact us to find out how virtualization can improve your business!