What type of hosting for small businesses

When choosing a web hosting provider, you’ll need to consider which hosting server will be best for your business, as well. With many options, all ranging in price and flexibility, there is a lot to think about. Consider your traffic levels and budget to determine which option is going to fit your needs best.

Shared Hosting

Blindly signing up for a internet service provider will generally leave you working off of a shared hosting server. Companies can charge less per customer because they are able to spread the maintenance costs out across the board, instead of charging one singular company. However, this may not be the best option for every website owner.

As a shared server, you are splitting your connectivity with anywhere from 200-500 other websites, depending on the servers your hosting company uses. If you have a high traffic site, you may experience outages and slow load times, which looks bad upon your company. However, shared hosting is certainly a strategic option for the right companies.

  • Light traffic: If you have a light amount of traffic, this hosting option will suit you just fine. In this case, sharing bandwidth with other sites won’t be a problem.
  • Small budget: For companies or startups with minimal budget, this is your best option; just be sure to choose a reputable web hosting provider.

Virtual Private Hosting

Otherwise known as VPS, this hosting option is a middle ground between shared and dedicated hosting. By splitting one server into multiple smaller servers, you get the benefits of a private server, without dishing out the cash for it. Not only do you get the budget benefits, but being isolated from others with whom you share the server helps to avoid dangerous account hacking.

  • Need flexibility: If you are looking for flexibility without the responsibility of having to maintain back-end administrative duties, then VPS is the option for you.
  • Medium budget: As a relatively cheap option, this will be perfect for your medium sized budget. Being a bit more expensive than shared, but significantly less than dedicated, it’s ideal.

Dedicated Hosting

For those of you with a larger budget, IT team and the need for greater bandwidth and space, a dedicated hosting server will be the best option. Whether you’re an ecommerce site doing thousands of transactions a month or just a blogging site getting high volumes of traffic, dedicated hosting is the only server option that will provide you with the up-time that you’ll need.

According to WebHostingSearch.com, when looking to purchase your dedicated server, consider, “the operating system, data backup and monitoring service, hardware options, space, bandwidth and technical support.”

  • High traffic: If you need to maintain a website with 1,000’s of visitors a day, you can’t afford to have any downtime; even a few minutes make a difference in user experience. A dedicated server will ensure that your customers and visitors have a seamless visit.
  • Big Budget: Having a dedicated server is the most expensive and complicated option. However, if the budget is available, it will pay for itself when you aren’t dealing with crashing servers.

Choosing the right hosting server will be critical to the success of your business and website launch. Can’t decide which hosting is right for you?  Contact Realmind Technology and we will gladly help you the right hosting for you and your business!

Source: http://www.resourcenation.com