Professional Managed IT Services

Realmind Technology offers managed IT services, cloud hosting, and website development/SEO services for businesses throughout the United States.

We offer complete IT management solutions that take the hassle out of managing and maintaining your critical IT systems. We’ll customize a support plan that is custom tailored to your environment while meeting and often exceeding the needs of the business.

We are your complete IT solution provider supporting all your servers, network appliances, and workstations. Your systems are monitored and supported both remotely and locally 24/7 and problems are fixed before they can cause downtime.

Is your network performing at its best possible level?

To make certain your systems are operating at their peak efficiency, Realmind Technology monitors these devices on a daily basis. This allows us to proactively monitor and maintain your entire network, not just servers and computers. From annual strategic technology plans to the development of a customized disaster recovery plan, we ensure that you have the right assets in place as your business grows.

Realmind Technology’s Managed Services lets us partner with your business to proactively monitor and maintain your network while providing you with predictable monthly IT costs. This proactive 24×7 monitoring means:

  • Realmind Technology’s staff and systems are preventing problems from occurring around the clock
  • Realmind Technology is automatically notified if your network needs attention
  • You benefit from the consistent deployment of all of our best practices
  • You experience strategically timed patch management
  • Spam filtering and anti-virus management is included
  • Disk and storage monitoring
  • Plus much, much more
  • …all of which add up to fewer business interruptions for you.

In today’s technology-rich and ever-changing business climate, the superior value and predictability of managed services make more economic sense than the “cross your fingers, call us when it breaks” model. If you break out your monthly costs per unit of all possible maintenance issues this is a superior value in terms of dollars, business stability and future planning.


Offsite Backup Services

How long can your business afford to be down? If your data is valuable, your backups are critical. We will assist you every step of the way to help you get your backup service up and running quickly.

Our managed backup services utilize multiple layers of security to ensure the integrity and security of your business-critical data are protected from loss or corruption. Managed Backup Service systems are a reliable and convenient data storage solution that enables businesses to simply and securely store all critical data while spending less money and administration time dealing with the management of a backup system.

Our managed backup services are a business-class online backup service that will encrypt and store a secure backup of all the important files contained on all your servers. This can be a lifesaver if your server fails, a natural disaster or unexpected threat occurs, or you accidentally erase an important file.

Tapes are adequate, but a managed backup service is more reliable, automated, and hands-off than a traditional tape backup system – requiring a person to literally change out tapes when required. Plus, the costs of a managed system are very similar to a tape solution.

With a managed backup service, we continuously monitor the system to ensure successful backups are completed as scheduled. This program collects, compresses, encrypts, and transfers the data to our data center.